Couple of CBItalia Wooden Rims - Side Position - 60 degrees
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Instructions for assembly, utilization & maintenance

Check out our best practices for proper use of the wooden rim, correct assembly, efficient maintenance and long-lasting product storage.

Instructions for assembly and use

  • Keep in mind that these are creations of precious wood hand crafted;
  • The product is made entirely from natural materials and fully recyclable;
  • Carefully inspect the wooden rims, make sure that they have not been damaged during transport;
  • Use only niples and washers supplied with the wooden rims by CB Italia;
  • To calculate the length of the spokes use the follow tool’s: LENGHT SPOKES CALCULATION;
  • For the wooden rims for clincher and pneumatic tires, Before mounting a tire, make sure to put correctly the tape-nipples that protects the inner tube by friction with the spoke nipples;
  • Use CBItalia cork brake pads or type Universal red or carbon rim pads;
  • The tension, of a new wheel, has to be checked after the first 100 and 500 kilometers;
  • The tension shall be round about 8/900N without tyre; 
  • Reduce tyre pressure before restoring the bike in case the rims are wet.

Cleaning and Maintenance


  • When necessary, clean the rims with a cloth moistened with water and denatured alcohol;
  • Carefully dry the surface of the rim with a cloth, let it air dry until the last traces of humidity have disappeared;
  • Pass the surface of the rim with Tung oil or alternatively with raw linseed oil;
  • Wait for the oil to penetrate and wipe the surface of the rim for the last time.



  • If not used, the product should be stored in dry and covered environments at a temperature between 10 and 30 degrees and a humidity between 50 and 80%.
  • Reduce tire pressure when not in use